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January 07, 2006


Took  Gallagher

Juana -- I was curious how long that Crow's Nest was around...you lived in Ferndale most of your early life, right? Was it still around then?

I can't quite tell from the picture...are you saying the new Crow's Nest will go on Woodward in the median...like in between Old Navy and Como's, but to the South?

What is YOUR take on this? Is it silly/stupid/pointless? Or is it a cool thing?


Juana Moore-Overmyer

i don't think the Crows Nest was up at all during my lifetime, certainly not by the time my parents moved back to Ferndale in the early 60's.

The picture is confusing for those of us who know the intersection now. The streetcar rails should be going north/south, so you're really looking down West Nine Mile (toward D.O.C. and Old Navy), not Woodward, in the photo. Seen in that way, you can see how it was smack dab in the middle of the intersection. My understanding is that the replica will be just north of Nine Mile, on the Woodward median, so your Old Navy/Como's locator is actually about right - IF i understand properly!

i think it's cute, and it's a pretty modest expenditure. i'm just sorry they couldn't reach an understanding on the design with the state before the Super Bowl. But that's Detroit - a day late and a dollar short!

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