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May 09, 2005


took  Gallagher

Okay -- I'll be HAPPY to ask who is the "nameless until someone asks" evil store?

Ever Curious --


It's Time Travelers, locally known as Time Bandits. i'll be paying visits to Green Brain in Dearborn and Comix Corner in Fraser (by the Lions!) to decide where i'm getting a box.

took  Gallagher

I swear to god Neal said their were lions in the building!



could they have been Polaroid lions?


I mean...this IS Neal you're posting about...

took  Gallagher

Nope...I SWEAR Neal told me they were REAL lions -->IN <--their building...you KNOW I believe(d) everything Neal told me! Now I just have to live with this...and the "truth" as YOU guys see it! Oh dear, oh dear!

Woe is Took


OK...so the lions were REAL..(Neal is doubtlessly absolutely two-dimensional and developed-on-one-side-instantly with glee!)...could it have been a polaroid building?

to & fro is stEphen

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